Sunday 23 November 2014

Countdown to Christmas

The countdown to Christmas begins! Here are some of our tips for gifts to give your loved ones... or even just a treat for yourself!

Lesley's hand painted wooden bird decorations will make a jolly addition to your christmas tree. Poppy's Daschunds are the perfect present for any of the dog lovers amongst your friends and family. Both of these make for small and affordable gifts, guaranteed to please everyone when it comes to looking for something for their Secret Santa.
Prices start £5.95

Our robes and scarves are designed from maps, prints of some of the worlds most famous and romantic cities. Paris, New York and London are all here, bringing back fond memories of long holidays or city breaks. Whilst the robes are light and well suited for taking on your travels, the scarves are lovely and large to keep you warm and snug.
Prices start £27.95

We also have a new range to add to Inca's perspex jewellery. With bold colour combinations, the jewellery feels cutting edge and contemporary whilst being reminiscent of the sixties. Don't forget the triangle and round studs by Inca we already have in stock, their colours and spark are guaranteed to make a bright Christmas!
Prices start £11.95

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