Sunday 4 December 2016

Christmas.... Crackers !!

There's lots of festive cheer to be found in our collection of gifts this holiday season. You're guaranteed to find something that's a perfect fit for a special someone, whether family or friends.

These fox cushions and trays have jolly images in bold colours and can also be bought in tea, towels, aprons and bags. Prices start £10.95
Sam's Freda cushions are new in for Christmas, and if you're quick you can grab her Freda and Iris Apfel decorations to give you Christmas tree that fashionista feel. Prices start £6.95
Ken's ceramics use luscious bright reds in their designs for that seasonal sensation. Prices start £23.95
Catherine's bags make a strong statement with lovely thick leather and simple but eye grabbing details. It's a bag that's not just for Christmas but for life!  Price £180.00
The Harris Tweed scarves' beautiful mix of colour and liberty print work for both men and women.
Price £37.95

Our unicorn cushions are a perfect gits for any princesses this year. While, the lampshades in a menagerie of animal prints will put the finishing touch to your guest room over the holidays.
Prices start £31.95
The woollen blankets are ideal for snuggling up or chilling out under in between all the festivities and new colours arrive next week. Price £89.95
With a different image on each side, Denise's seaside vases full of seabirds and coastal villages will bring recollections of Summer days. Prices start £59.95
The bee puffer and bee Grandad mugs are fun and quirky and come in lots of other images too.
Price £14.95
Chris' Brighton pier notebooks make for fantastic gifts to help reminisce about holidays spent in Brighton. Price £65.00
The wooden necklaces by Lofstrom make a great gift for your significant other. With a beach combing feel but with a contemporary twist, they'll make for effective talking point during party season.
Price £19.95
Karens bird tiles are a flock above the rest, brooches too. Prices start £23.95
Lesley's lampbases are a fun loving family of animal characters enjoying the Christmas season.
Prices start £59.95

This new dog design comes on cushions, tea towels and lampshades. Ideal for any pet lovers you have in your life. Prices start £10.95
The tree vases are a new design that have a Scandi feel to them and would look fantastic with some red berries or hips. Price £34.95
Margo's and Katie's silk scarves are a gorgeous gift. A mix of colour, pattern and texture that can be worn day or night. Prices start £62.95
The necklaces by Gilly use simple but stylish elastic and will add a bit of class to your Christmas outfit.Price £25.95
Last but not least, these wine breathers use charming animal designs. Making them the perfect choice if your looking to get a gift a little bit on the quirky side of things. Price £21.95

                                                HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL !!