Sunday 13 November 2011

Christmas is coming...!!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING….despite the fabulous weather… it is inevitable.

We’ve got lots of fabulous new stock and more still on the way

The plywood bird clocks by Claire Mcvinnie covered with Japanese papers and with contrast coloured pendulums have been selling well, I’ll place another order ! She also has brooches the reindeer ,dogs and birds have proved to be very popular.

A great selection of Anna Tilson mosaic mirrors in different colours and sizes. The beautiful combinations of the vintage crockery makes them each completely unique. We also have a good selection of her saucer mirrors that make an affordable gift.

The Lush trays have arrived along with tins, tea towels, aprons, mugs, notebooks, prints, cushions and of course their lampshades. Singly or together they make stunning gifts
We now have a varied selection of scarves from Katie Mawson. Her hedgehog scarf , such an amazing texture that is always much admired when worn, is a good investment you’d never tire of. She also does great gloves and hats.

Wallace Sewell’s range combines colour and weave in a interesting way a mix of contemporary and traditional styling that works well for men and women.

Emma Bradbury has a designed merino wool scarves for Tait & Style the sophisticated colours of the painterly stripes will take you through winter and spring.

Margo Selby’s jewel like silk scarves are available in three sizes and the wool / cashmere scarves are a strong pattern with a delightful mix of colour. We now have her cushions too which are sumptuous !

Joy at Seven Gauge knitwear has scarves and hats in vibrant colours and op art style patterns that will add a much needed zing to your wardrobe as the winter draws in.

Jen Rowland’s linen and silk lampshades and cushions in Daisy and Acacia designs are a in a subtle
colour palette that will easily complement an existing interior and give your home the pre Christmas boost it needs as the nights close in.

That’s all I can manage for now. We do have new jewellery, ceramics and bags too, so do come and have a browse as you start to get ideas for your gifts. We do run out of pieces and some items are one offs or can not be re ordered in time for Christmas so do check with my colleagues so you won’t be disappointed.

Leigh Shepherd pendants, brooches and earings are made from vintage scrabble, domino and sixpenny pieces. A wide selection of Japanese papers gives a great choice of colour and pattern. The pendants and earings come in their own tin which is a nice touch.
Prices start £15.95

Diddicoy has a range of brightly coloured felt tea cosies, purses brooches and stuffed animals the dog and cat image is playful and strong. A great gift for a pet lover young or old.
Prices start £8.95

Katie Mawson scarves, hats and gloves strong colours and tactile texture.
Prices start £32.95

Joy at Seven Gauge the vibrant colour and jazzy pattern in her scarves and hats will brighten even the dullest day.
Prices start £26.95

Emma Bradbury’s soft merino wool scarves can be worn indoors and out, the sophisticated painterly stripes work through winter and spring.
Price £99.95

Tuesday 11 October 2011

A Natural History by Mark Greco

We now have Mark Greco’s work in the window and in store… fabulous it looks too. Mark is a commercial artist and illustrator who’s influenced by science, nature and his explorations of the Sussex countryside. He combines digital and traditional printing techniques to produce bold prints. His use of colour, pattern and symbolism reflect the character habits and stories behind his subjects.

We’ve had his bird prints for a week now and they’ve provoked a fantastic reaction. Because he manages to capture the personality of each bird, everyone has a favourite. There are about twelve different images in his range and we aim to keep the full range of the A3 size in stock and build up a selection of the A2 size as well. We also have some of his framed silkscreen prints which are fantastic.

Prices start £40.00

Thursday 29 September 2011

The start of Autumn deliveries

My son has gone off to university in Nottingham which means I’ve lost my resident technical help. My posts could become even more erratic !! On the other hand … because I’m spending less time picking up wet towels and dirty coffee cups I will have more time to devote to the blog. I might actually start to enjoy it.

We are starting to get our Autumn / Christmas deliveries which I’m excited about despite the fact that the temperature is shooting through the roof. A new range of silk scarves from Salt have arrived. They are light enough to wear now but their autumnal hues and subtle textures will work through the autumn and winter. Wallace Sewell and Katie Mawson scarves are also on their way so should hopefully arrive as the weather changes. At the moment we have Alice Pattullo and John Dilnot’s work in the window. Alice has expanded her range of prints and John has brought in some larger boxes and added a couple more designs to his cards so do come and look. Next week we will have Mark Greco’s work I will give more information about him when it arrives. Lots more will arrive over the next three months.

We’ve had Kirsty Kirkpatrick’s work for a few weeks. The brightly coloured abstract shapes combined with the various textures of vintage chain make for charming bracelets and necklaces. The intricate lazer cut patterns on the wood contrast with the chain, the faceted plastic beads finish them off perfectly. They have a 60’s feel… Mary Quant with a twist?

Kirsty Kirkpatrick Prices start £19.95

Yesterday we had a delivery of crochet slippers from Ruby Brown. They have a handmade aesthetic combined with practicality. There are three colour way’s tea, red and midnight. They have a fleecy lining, a beautiful three dimensional rose on the front and a rubber sole. What more could you ask!! Perfect for snuggling up in front of the fire.

Ruby Brown Price £29.95

Eleanor’s Attic make pvc coated cotton bags that work well worn across the body. The bands of spots and flowers in a multitude of colours complement each other perfectly. Each bag has a printed cotton lining and a broad strap in a contrast colour. All in all a breath of fresh air on a drizzly autumn day. We are also getting a smaller version for those of you that like to travel light.

Eleanor’s Attic Price large £43.95

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Bits and Pieces

I‘ve been extremely lax with updates over the summer. I’ve been on holiday to America, visiting Boston, New York and Maine. I saw a variety of Art which was incredibly inspiring. A vibrant exhibition by the glass artist Chihuly at the MFA Boston, the contrast of the sculpture’s colour and shape reflected in the mirrored glass surface on which it was displayed was breathtaking. Savage Beauty at the MET the retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s collections was stunningly displayed, the accessories were fabulous and the attention to detail phenomenal. A completely different vibe was the visit in Maine to the Olson House. The house with the Olson brother and sister was the subject of several of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. All in all a thought provoking and rejuvenating trip.

We’ve had lots of new deliveries. Karen Collingwood’s laser cut, Perspex Pavilion Souvenirs are a contemporary twist on the “stick of rock“ lots of zingy colours, they look great hanging against a window pane. She also does a range of brooches that includes an owl, a bird, an apple and a pear.

Jane Foster’s new owl prints are selling well in pink, turquoise, green and orange. Alice Pattullo has added a cat and dog print to her range based on subjects in Brighton museum and brought out a fun new book The Climb to The Crown

Eryka Isaak has delivered more glass and copper hangings and a four foot verdigris copper thistle lamp which is a great sculptural piece.

For the holiday visitor we have expanded our range of badges and brooches that make an affordable treat to commemorate your visit to Brighton.

Jan Cooper’s sweet hearts covered with images from vintage Rupert annuals have a Swallows and Amazons feel. Her bright leather daises with hand drawn decoration and huge coloured diamante are a must. Price £5.95

Poppy Treffry’s embroidered badges have lots of images and a mixture of jolly fabrics. Price £5.95

Mel Luckhurst’s dog and cat badges are delightful the strong colour and hand embroidery make them truly individual. Price £8.95

Karen Collingwood’s bright graphic laser cut brooches make an ideal gift for yourself or a friend. Price £10.95

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Pottery and Glass

Karen Atherley’s range is selling well it looks great in the window reflected in Anna Tilson’s mirror. Her new shapes, cup and saucer, teapot, jug and vase are strong. We have two colour-ways turquoise, green and red which look fabulous with her painted nudes and black lace. Every piece has a different combination of colour making it individual.
Prices start £23.95

Louise Nelson’s glass bird jewellery is lovely. The colours are varied and meld together to make a beautifully subtle mix of colour. She makes pendants and earings that can be worn separately or as a set. The detail particularly on the owls gives each one its own personality every one is completely different from the next.
We sold Louise’s work twenty years ago so its great to have her back with such great new ideas.
Prices start £21.95

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Brighton Festival

The Brighton Festival is here and as usual we have lots of new stock Karen Atherley has expanded his range of pottery we now have teapots, jugs, cups and saucers as well as vases and mugs. Her painterly nudes combine with a black lace pattern, they have a Bloomsbury feel but with a modern twist. David Pantling’s blue and cream pottery has a na├»ve blue all over pattern. The shapes are great, some overtures to Art Deco but much more folksy in feel. His teapots are very popular and the jars with lids in the shape of jelly moulds are fun and quirky. Ken Eardley has delivered his mugs so we now have the round and oval shapes in his Leaf, Bird and Flower design. His jugs are on their way.

John Dilnot has delivered his Bird Boxes we sold one today so I hope we’ll get another before the end of the month.

Anna Tilson back from her travels in India has brought in new mosaic mirrors again we sold one today but we should have them in stock consistently now she’s home.

Being busy attending events in the festival means I’m a bit behind with posting new work. I will get down to it next week…..promise.

Britain's Next Big Thing

We’ve had a delivery of Catherine Gray’s brooches. Her modern interpretation of the cameo. The strong black images are taken from Catherine’s photographs of her daughter. The vivid colours combined with the high gloss glaze and the domed shape make them both stylish and tactile. She has been recently featured on the television program Britain’s Next Big Thing it was fascinating to see the making procedure of her vases and hear the development of her ideas. We may stock her vases in the future so let us know if you’re interested. You too can be seen to be cutting edge when you wear one of her brooches.

Catherine Gray’s cameo brooches have a surrealist quality. They can be worn on a jacket or coat perhaps used to hold a wrap cardigan or cape together.
Price £39.95

Sunday 17 April 2011

The Royal Wedding...and the chairs

Although I’m not particularly interested in the Royal Wedding we do have a new print by Alice Pattullo who recently designed a postcard for us. The print based on the wedding is both irreverent and humorous. It’s an addition to the range of her prints we already have in stock.

Pick up one of Alice’s postcards next time you visit the shop.

We have two fabulous chairs as part of our window display. The chairs are by Lizzie Rose She re-upholsters vintage chairs in lush, vibrant, colours and fabrics. They have the ‘wow factor’ and would make a fantastic focal point in a room. Its been a while since we’ve had big pieces. A customer came in last week and reminded me she bought two grandfather clocks about ten years ago, one of which she still has and loves. Perhaps its time to l look again for bigger statement pieces. Watch our windows!

Alice Pattullo’s Royal Wedding print has a very British humour. The free crown is perfect for your wedding celebrations!!
Price £50.00

Lizzie Rose’s chairs are wonderfully eccentric due to her use of colour and fabric. They really are show stoppers. The swivel pod chair is upholstered in a turquoise and green floral and the swivel rocker is a patchwork of zingy colours.
Prices start at £395.00

We have a SPECIAL OFFER on Jan Constantine’s cushions all her Union Jack heirloom cushions have fantastic reductions.
Prices start £39.95

Tuesday 22 March 2011

More Birds

We’ve had a new delivery of Hannah Turner's ceramic birds and owls. Their quirky shapes and details are so appealing. The birds come in turquoise, green, red and orange and the owls come in pink, blue and yellow. They each have their own individual personality and work well singly or in a flock. We also have a set of three flying birds that are Hannah’s interpretation of flying ducks. Her coasters have four designs and are useful presents.

Prices: coasters £3.95. Birds start £28.95. Owls start £34.95.

John Dilnot has developed a series of MINI PRINTS there are eleven in total including birds, bird houses and woodpeckers. At £15.00 each they are a great price so you could frame a group of three or four and they’d look fantastic.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Birds... Birds… Birds and Dogs

We are now moving into spring… at last! So this month is all about birds. A new set of prints by Amy Hope will be the focus of our window display. They combine paper cut with print, birds with foliage. Bring spring into your home, a new range of hand painted ceramic birds by Sarah Rickard to hang from a vase of spring blossom. We should have more of John Dilnot’s collectable boxes soon, flocks of tiny birds surge over the Sussex coastline. His prints and cards are in stock and always popular with our male customers. Lush bird tea towels cheer up the kitchen and their fuchsia and white cotton bags make your daily shop more fun. Then there are Diane Hipkin’s needle felted dogs. We’ve nearly run out but will get more stock this month. Our customers love them, new and a great success. Lots more birds in different materials... come and see!

  Ruth's felt brooches make a bold statement on a dull winter coat or jacket. Choose from the wide range of colours. Price £11.95 Ken Eardley’s bird jugs make a bold statement, there are various sizes in green, turquoise and bitter chocolate. Perfect for a posy of spring flowers. Prices start £18.95 Louise Ashton’s glass jewellery is given a contemporary look with her graphic bird images. Her range includes pendants, rings and necklaces. The strong colours are easy to wear throughout the year. Prices start £28.95 Sarah Rickard’s ceramic birds are coloured with painterly brushstrokes and the wire legs could be drawn in black ink. They could be hung from foliage or against a wall or window. Price £13.95

Louise Traill’s glittery owls are an eccentric addition to your brooch collection the detail is fab. We also stock her large exotic, paper,wire and feather birds that are fabulous in an adult or child’s bedroom. Prices start £14.95 Diane Hipkin’s neeedle felted dogs are fabulous, she captures each individual personality. There are a range of colours and sizes always one to fall for. Price £59.95

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Spring opening

From Sunday the 3rd of April we will be open from 11.00 to 5.00pm. Look forward to seeing you.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a favourite of ours. An array of pinks and red, sumptuous Margo Selby scarves, vibrant leather and suede bags including the covetable Monia Boxley range, Jane Foster‘s Love Birds prints and Ruth‘s felt cherries brighten up even the gloomiest February day and – of course a range of cards – are just a few of the pieces available.

Hand-embroidered heirlooms of the future by Jan Constantine
Jan Constantine
Her hand-embroidered heirloom cushions come in several designs: red, grey, cream and black. They make a strong statement in any room setting and are the perfect declaration of love. Her lavender hearts and zip purses covetable love tokens.
Prices start £29.95

Reversible by Dee Barnes

Reversible by Dee Barnes

Dee Barnes
Dee's range of pink and red heart jewellery is a new range. The pieces are reversible - a rose image on one side and romantic text the other. Pearls and red faceted beads give them an opulent feel. The earrings are easy to wear and make an ideal Valentine's gift.
Prices start £11.95

Felt cushion hand-appliqued by Sam Stas

Mr Tea Cosy by Sam Stas

Mr and Mrs Lavender by Sam Stas

Sam Stas
We always stock a range of Sam's work. Her applique wool teacosies some with her quirky illustrative images, others with 'LOVE', are a brightly coloured addition to the tea table. Her cushions, egg cosies and lavender bags bring a smile to your face. Give to someone you cherish.
Prices start £6.95

Glass heart plaque by Lara Aldridge

Lara Aldridge
Her glass heart plaques have a beautiful textural depth combining layers of colour with fluid metallic highlights. Single coasters, vertical and horizontal plaques of three and four hearts make a sophisticated affirmation of love.
Prices start £9.95

Valentine's heart by Kate Hamilton-Hunter

Gold-patterned Valentine's heart by Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Hearts by Kate Hamilton-Hunter

Kate Hamilton-Hunter
Her hearts have become one of our classics. The simple heart shape in various sizes is made from re-cycled biscuit tin in red, pink, silver and patterned gold means lots of choice. Individually or as a set they make a lovely present for yourself a friend or lover.
Prices start £9.95

Love pillows and Pink monkey by Lush Design

Fox lampshade by Lush Design
Lush Design
Everyone's favourite!! Lush images make a fantastic impact. The LOVE pillowcases a romantic addition to your bedroom: red, black, pink, blue and beige. For Valentine's day, fox cushions, lampshades mugs and bags. Laser-cut hearts make a great love tokens. We always have their work in stock and their varied illustrations are translated onto several products including teatowels, lampshades in various sizes, cushions and mugs. A beautiful range of beast cards at £2.00.
Prices start £9.95