Sunday 4 December 2016

Christmas.... Crackers !!

There's lots of festive cheer to be found in our collection of gifts this holiday season. You're guaranteed to find something that's a perfect fit for a special someone, whether family or friends.

These fox cushions and trays have jolly images in bold colours and can also be bought in tea, towels, aprons and bags. Prices start £10.95
Sam's Freda cushions are new in for Christmas, and if you're quick you can grab her Freda and Iris Apfel decorations to give you Christmas tree that fashionista feel. Prices start £6.95
Ken's ceramics use luscious bright reds in their designs for that seasonal sensation. Prices start £23.95
Catherine's bags make a strong statement with lovely thick leather and simple but eye grabbing details. It's a bag that's not just for Christmas but for life!  Price £180.00
The Harris Tweed scarves' beautiful mix of colour and liberty print work for both men and women.
Price £37.95

Our unicorn cushions are a perfect gits for any princesses this year. While, the lampshades in a menagerie of animal prints will put the finishing touch to your guest room over the holidays.
Prices start £31.95
The woollen blankets are ideal for snuggling up or chilling out under in between all the festivities and new colours arrive next week. Price £89.95
With a different image on each side, Denise's seaside vases full of seabirds and coastal villages will bring recollections of Summer days. Prices start £59.95
The bee puffer and bee Grandad mugs are fun and quirky and come in lots of other images too.
Price £14.95
Chris' Brighton pier notebooks make for fantastic gifts to help reminisce about holidays spent in Brighton. Price £65.00
The wooden necklaces by Lofstrom make a great gift for your significant other. With a beach combing feel but with a contemporary twist, they'll make for effective talking point during party season.
Price £19.95
Karens bird tiles are a flock above the rest, brooches too. Prices start £23.95
Lesley's lampbases are a fun loving family of animal characters enjoying the Christmas season.
Prices start £59.95

This new dog design comes on cushions, tea towels and lampshades. Ideal for any pet lovers you have in your life. Prices start £10.95
The tree vases are a new design that have a Scandi feel to them and would look fantastic with some red berries or hips. Price £34.95
Margo's and Katie's silk scarves are a gorgeous gift. A mix of colour, pattern and texture that can be worn day or night. Prices start £62.95
The necklaces by Gilly use simple but stylish elastic and will add a bit of class to your Christmas outfit.Price £25.95
Last but not least, these wine breathers use charming animal designs. Making them the perfect choice if your looking to get a gift a little bit on the quirky side of things. Price £21.95

                                                HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL !!

Sunday 9 October 2016

Autumn Leaves

Don't let those Autumn blues get you down. Take a look at our new ranges to find something to lift your spirits.

Mark's new bird prints set the scene for our autumn arrivals. His strong graphics capture the mood of the season.

Hannah's Ceramic toadstool Range is reminiscent of fun and foraging through fallen leaves. All from the comfort of home wrapped up and enjoying your tea.

Katie's gloves are perfect for bonfire night. Popping colours in a multitude of stripes. Laura's tartan bags and rucksacks are made from recycled kilts and fizz with quirky and inventive detail.

Once again Wallace and Sewell scarves add the pzazz your Autumn wardrobe needs. Available in fabulous range of patterns and affordable too.

The rubber necklaces and bangles are soft to wear and come in a myriad of colours.

Our new blanket weaves can wrap anything up in texture and colour. Bringing subtle Autumn hues to your wardrobe and home.

Anna's wooden necklaces mix all the colours of the autumn landscape. A jewel like addition to the grey, brown and navy tones of the season.

Julia's hand printed birds bring humour and movement to into your home.

Susan's Brighton embroideries on linen and denim make for a great reminder of strolling through Pavillion gardens. We also have half apron/tea towels.

Helen's Harris tweed and Liberty print scarves bring a flash of fun for both men and women. While Kens new ceramic patterns are bold and come in several colours.

Monday 16 May 2016

Festival Fun....!

With so much art and culture happening in our city at the moment, May is the perfect month to remind you how much Brighton is a bustling hub for artists and creatives. Being something we've always championed at Appendage, there's no better time to pop in and browse our wares, made by some of our favourite local designers.

New in for May, this delightful glass ware with meadow florals brings the countryside into you home. Wooden topped storage jars and lamp bases continue the botanical theme.  Ellie's Beekeeper print and the Loris shade are an illustrative joy. Orla's jolly bird brooches bring a flash of colour into your wardrobe.

Glass starts £10.95  Storage jar £124.95  Lamp £68,95  Shade £35.95  Brooch £10.95 Print £49.95

The Brighton prints are always a good souvenir for those who 'wish they were here'. The heirloom  cushion is exquisitely embroidered and makes a great wedding present. Ken's bold jugs are part of our expanding range with some fabulous new colours. Sam's quirky boxes have their own  character you'll find one that appeals to you. Lesley's cat danglies complement her lamp range and Lynsey's cherries make for bold brooches.

Print £28.95  Cushion £124.95  Jugs start £23.95  Box £47.95  Cat £5.95 Cherries £18.95

The glass clocks are gorgeous but practical. Guy's new paintings of scenes from the South Downs have proven to be a big hit.Fill Jane's bird vases with a bunch of meadow flowers from your country walk. Her wine breathers are a portrait of British Wildlife and are perfect for your summer lunches spent outdoors. The diaphanous silk Europe scarf is a must have for cooler summer evenings.

Clock large £84.95  Paintings from £120.00  Vase £ 64.95  Wine Breather 21.95  Scarf £32.95

Sunday 20 March 2016

Mellow yellow ...or orange!

With such bold colour, this Lion cushion will make a loud roar on any sofa in need of a bit of vibrancy.
A classic with a twist, the new Harris tweed bags are a great size and beautifully made.
Our new glass plates mix the organic with the graphic to make a striking centerpiece.
Inca's fluro perspex jewellery is ideal for spring, when a splash of colour is just what your wardrobe needs.

Cushion £33.95   Bag £93.95  Plate £28.95 Jewellery starts £16.95

No colour says Easter quite like yellow. Be it new born chicks or ready-to-hatch eggs, its the colour of new beginnings. So make a fresh start this season with our soft woollen blankets or bird lamp shades, able to enliven any front room. Lynsey's felt garland necklaces are a delicate delight whilst Karen's bunny brooch and Anna' flower earrings are an inexpensive way to bring a touch of spring to your look.

Blanket £83.95  Lampshade £35.95  Necklace start £35.95  Brooch £12.95  Earrings £10.95

Tuesday 1 March 2016

We love you Mum!

Struggling to find a gift just as fabulous as your dear mum for Mothers day? Here are some ideas at Appendage that make for great presents.

Flowers are always a winner for Mothers day, why not get one of Ken's floral jugs to enhance a classic bunch of tulips. Guy's new paintings capture a blossoming Sussex countryside, perfect as we finally begin to move into Spring. Make that Mother's Day breakfast extra special with David's blue and white pottery. Our bird brooches make a lovely accessory, whilst Sam's pincushions are a great gift for those with a penchant for needlework.

 Jug £59.95  Paintings from £120.00  Pottery from £19.95  Brooch £11.95  Pincushion £13.95

If all that spring cleaning gives you a bit of inspiration for a makeover, then Ellie's range of contemporary illustrations are a perfect addition to any room. If your mum hates to throw anything away, then Laura's new range of bags should appeal to her thrifty nature. They make great use of old vintage jackets, combining bold blocks of colour and pattern. Her range of bright and stripey phone covers are a fun use of recycled sweaters. Anna's mosaic mirrors reflect a new year, each one is completely unique, spot the crockery your mum used to own.
Sam's portrait boxes cover a broad range of quirky personalities from mermaids to Frida Kahlo find the perfect one for your mum. The new Lion mug is a must for tea in bed, don't restrict the treat to Mother's Day!

Print £49.95  Bag £49.95  Phone/Purse £9.95  Box £47,95  Mug £14.95 Mirror £196.00

Sunday 7 February 2016

Love and Kisses...

Sam's happy couple cushions make for a great joint present you can both enjoy. You might even be able to find a pair that looks just like the two of you among the numerous designs.

You're partner might already be sweet enough as they are, but Hannah's new sugar pots are ideal for keeping all manner of treats in.The espresso cups and trays will also make bringing your better half breakfast in bed that little bit more special.

cushions £31.95   sugar pots £17.95   espresso cups £12.95   trays 16,95

When looking for some simple but eye-catching tokens of affection, you can't go wrong with Caroline's lovebirds and Anna's Mosaic hearts, in beautiful minimal designs or eye-popping colours.

If you're taking the evening into your own hands and cooking dinner for your date, then Hannah's salt and pepper pots make for great company in your kitchen.

You'll love Lesley's latest foxy lamps for their quirky style and also perfect if you want to add some atmospheric lighting to your evening.

paper cuts £21.95   mosaic hearts £31.95   salt/pepper £18.95   lamps £59.95

Whether you're spending Valentines treat at your favourite restaurant or whisking away your significant other for a romantic city break , make sure to grab one of our huge, soft scarves of Paris, Venice or New York  to wrap your significant other in and make sure this Valentines Day is a romantic one.

scarves £27.95

The pink Lovelock cushion by Lush will make it feel extra romantic when its time to get comfy and cuddle on the sofa in front of your favourite box-set.

Annie's angora berets bring a little bit of Paris, the city of love, to your loved ones style, whilst keeping their ears warm during any late night strolls.

February doesn't have to be all grey. Lynsey's felt necklaces and bows add a fabulous splash of pink and red to any wardrobe.

cushions £33.95   beret £39.95   bow £14,95   necklace £33.95