Monday 20 July 2015

British Summertime

Blankets: £79.95, Papercuts: £29.95, Vase: £34.95

The British summer may be as unpredictable as ever but that doesn't mean we don't have gifts suited for whatever the weather may bring. For example one of our sumptuous woolen blankets that comes in a range of lovely colours means you can sit out in you garden well into the evening, even if there is a bit of a chill!

Caroline's papercuts show scenes of the British countryside with a great eye for the intricate details of daily rural life. At an affordable price, they make for a lovely gift and look fantastic when framed.

Our seahorse vases are the perfect vessel for a bunch of freshly scented summer flowers and are a reminder of the seaside.

Ceramics start at: £20.95, Lamp Bases: £59.95, Cushions: £31.95

Jane's hand painted ceramics have a soft colour pallet and delicate detail reminiscent of  romantic nature paintings. A flock of the bird-shaped candlesticks will look fabulous if they come to nest on your table or mantelpiece, whilst a spray of wild flowersin the vase will help to bring summer indoors. The milk jug is perfect for when you want to treat yourself to a spot of tea outside if the weather stays glorious for long enough!

Lesley's hand-painted menageries of lamp bases are in an array of vibrant colours and depict a range
of lovable and eccentric characters, all of whom have their own special charm.

Sam's cushion designs combine applique and painting to create portraits of boys and girls that are all unique. So have a browse, you never know, you may spot one that looks just like you or one of your nearest and dearest!

Cushions start at: £39.95, Jugs start at: £23.95, Salt and pepper pots: £18.95

The simple and bold designs of these cushions and and lampshades are hand-printed onto linen and are inspired by the patterns of traditional Welsh blankets. There's a whole range of colours to choose from so you're bound to find one that will compliment your interior decor.

With their timeless and classic design, these jugs designed by Ken make for very covetable items because of their striking simplicity and bold range of colours.

Hannah's toadstool themed salt and pepper pots a perfect gift for those looking to add a bit of fun and quirkiness to their kitchen.

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