Sunday 23 August 2015

Money Talks

Hannah's cat and lion money boxes make saving for that special treat just a little bit more of a pleasure. Their strong graphic style makes them a groovy present for both adults and children alike.

Prices start: £27.95

These Lush cushions come decorated in a myriad of quirky illustrations. Both singly or as a group, they add a touch of sophisticated humour to your home.

Prices start: £33.95

Our handmade bird brooches combine recycling, texture and colour to create gorgeous birds. Alight them on any outfit and they'll bring pizzazz and comment wherever you choose to take them.

Price: £10.95

Karen's souvenir brooches work for men and women. Whether you're team is Brighton or Hove, there's one that you can wear with pride.

Price: £12.95

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