Tuesday 24 April 2012

April Showers

Yes, April has been typical this year, the weather veers from one extreme to the other and we are certainly experiencing April showers.

I arrived back from Istanbul where we had one freezing week and one balmy week, which didn’t prevent me from enjoying the beautiful city. I would thoroughly recommend it, even for a long weekend. The decoration of the mosques and churches is beautiful and the harems are fascinating. The bazaars are packed with treasures and spices, you can while away hours searching for the perfect purchase. Public transport is efficient and cheap (it is a hilly city) so its easy to zip around. We stayed in the Galata district which was buzzy but felt like a local neighbourhood too. It was easy to catch ferries and our trip to the Princes Islands was a highlight. The Istanbul Modern is worth a trip and there are lots of galleries dotted around. The architecture is interesting , the minarets make the skyline magical. Absolutely masses to do and see, I wasn’t bored for a second.

Since returning I’ve been up to the Harrogate Craft Fair so we will have new work arriving over the next few weeks and months. The beginning of the year has been busy which is great but I do feel like I’m chasing my tail.

We have had a range of jewellery by Jaqueline Wagner the charming caravan image translates well into brooches, pendants and earings. It is made from wood and paper the soft blue and green recreates the retro holiday mood. We will get a new delivery at the beginning of May before the festival. The spring range of

Salt silk scarves have arrived. A range of textures and muted colours that are great for this unpredictable weather. Light enough to feel that you are moving into summer but subtle enough to mix with a range of fabrics and colours. Its hard to feel that spring is here when the temperature is in single figures and its tipping with rain !! Good price too!

Alice Pattullo has added several new prints to her collection including Dogs/ ‘Cats at the Museum’ a Sailor print and a Fortune Teller print . All have her individual dark humour and illustrative style. There are various size and price prints.

Wolfram Lohr has delivered a selection of leather bags. Fantastic quality leather and finish, they are not cheap but are a real investment. We have a couple of shoulder bag styles and a shopper at the moment, he has a range of colours which I like and I hope to expand the selection in the future.

We have stocked David Pantling’s blue and cream pottery for a while now, the quirky shapes and pattern are eye catching. I know we have several customers collecting his pieces and they make great presents. We are going to continue with this range and add a new design later this year.

Mark Greco has added new prints and cards the Puffin and Oystercatcher have been a great success. The small prints are affordable enough for presents or to choose two or three to make a statement in a living room or hall. I will keep you posted as to what is coming in during May for the Festival. If you are planning a trip to Brighton…… fingers crossed for the weather! don’t worry too much, there is plenty to do and there are lots of cafes to nip in and out of to avoid the showers.

Jaqueline Wagner wood and paper jewellery prices start £6.95

Salt silk scarves price £39.95

Alice Pattullo prices start £16.95

Wolfram Lohr leather bags prices start £125.95

David Pantling pottery prices start £16.95

Mark Greco new cards and prints prices start £2.95

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