Tuesday 5 June 2012

Summer Starts

May flew by……I got caught up with the Festival the highlights for me were dreamthinkspeak The Rest is Silence. The location, sets, costumes and content were as usual a visual treat. Smashed, an homage to Pina Bausch took juggling to a new level it was uplifting and again visually exciting. A reminder of the film Pina that I loved. The Hangover Square installation too was an evocative experience, I will read the book this year. I saw DV8’s Can We Talk About This in London it was a powerful thought provoking experience so worth a mention.
Then…. the sun came out and the temptation to sit at my beach hut became too strong. My garden was calling and the desire to do anything other than post a new blog won the day!

We have had a delivery of large mdf owls by Vanda. Lots of different shapes and patterns, her hand cut stencils make each one unique. Although they are a strong image the range of fresh colours on a white background make them easy to place in a living room, hall or child’s bedroom. They have provoked a lot of interest and certainly have the ‘wow factor‘. A great choice to replace a tired print or poster.


                                              Hand stencilled owls by Vanda £79.95

A new addition to the Dee Barnes button jewellery range. A lovely 40’s colour way of muted pink, green and blue in both a necklace and bracelet a vintage look that will work with floral print for summer. We still have her other colour ways including cream and a vibrant combination of lime, pink and red.


                                                    Dee Barnes necklace £25.95

The range of laser cut wooden jewellery by Jo Want is a new addition to our jewellery cabinets. The contrast between the neutral, matt wood foliage and black, shiny acrylic birds works well. The images are simple but decorative and look great on. There is a necklace, a twig with birds. A brooch tree with birds. Pendants, a bird in a cage, large earrings the same. Stud earrings, swallows and wrens in both
wood and acrylic. They are popular and affordable.


                                                   Prices start £8.95

We have stocked Sally Handfield’s embroidered purses and bags for a number of years but they never date. She uses vintage fabrics and embroiders words onto each piece they have a similar feel to Tracy Emin‘s quilts. She uses phrases to do with spending or saving so you can decide which is most relevant! They have contrast linings and the back and front are always different fabrics, every season
she has new fabrics and colours.


                                                    Prices start £23.95

The Jubilee Celebrations have passed me by too I’m afraid. Our only concession to the royal memorabilia has been the Dee Barnes range of jewellery using vintage stamps. I do love the colours and the image of the Queen in her youth. I don’t think it has a limited lifespan its subtle enough to wear any time. There are rings, earrings, pendants and a bracelet.

                                                 Prices start £13.95

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