Sunday 4 March 2012

Mother's Day

Spring is on its way, we’ve managed to get through January and February without any significant snow, hurrah! The days are getting longer and the daffodils are out. I’m going on a trip to Istanbul this month which is exciting. I havn’t been before, I’m hoping to come back inspired and refreshed. Our apartment has fantastic seagull views of the city and the sea. Even if the weather takes a turn for the worse there will be lots to watch. I’m not expecting to buy anything for the shop but you never know I may be tempted.

Whilst I’m away it will be Mother’s Day so we will have a good stock of cards, Jenni Garvin’s origami birds are new. Hopefully a batch from Jane Foster and as usual our Lush cards, a fabulous range of animal based images. Jen Rowland’s flowers arrived today and I hope to get some from Sam Stas her Lady egg cosies have already arrived.

Stock is slowly changing, the full range of Shona's bags are here, the colours are great, a vibrant splash of colour to anticipate sunny days ahead.

Although the couriers have lost five boxes of our Lush delivery they should turn up next week… I hope! Their new owl design lampshade has already sold well for us and we will have both sizes of the castle shade, it comes in a fabulous orange colour. Their trays now come in two sizes easy to pack into a suitcase if your travelling. We always have Australian visitors at this time of year which is lovely. They seem so easy going and thoroughly enjoy their travels and then of course they are back to beautiful weather.

Cath’s necklaces are made from horn in shiny black, soft grey and a rich coral. I like the way you could wear then singly or together, the way the pieces move to create a sculptural effect. I think they will look particularly stunning with white linen in the summer. At the moment you could wear them with simple black or grey shapes to add another texture.

We have stocked Danielle’s necklaces for a while there is a flower and a disk design. The colours are glorious and are great lift at this time of year. They look great against black. I had a Japanese customer who bought a couple of the more monochrome strands of flowers which she put with her simple, black, sculptural clothes they looked fantastic.

Jan Cooper’s brooches are great for Mother’s Day she has a new posy, her leather ones are still going strong. We still have a great range of brooches and badges for £5.95 they are an affordable gift from children.

We also have a new range of Karen Collingwood brooches, perspex with walnut and birch, vibrant colour and a strong graphic shape make these flower brooches a new take on the corsage.The brooches help us feel that we are moving towards spring and enable us to jolly up our winter jackets.

If you need cheering up over the next few weeks visit the new exhibition at Brighton Museum the Tom Hammick room is particularly uplifting. The colours will jolt you out of your winter torpor and the blossom will remind you that Spring isn’t far away.…Marvellous !! Then you can pop in to check out our new stock, we are just around the corner. As colour is important to us I hope we can help to sustain your mood.

Lush tray (in two sizes) and the mug, come in three designs the Cat, Wild Boar and Fox and Cubs. The tin as yet just in the Cat design. Prices start £9.95

Cath’s necklaces lots of designs and several lengths come in black, grey and coral. Prices start £23.95

Danielle necklace various luscious colours £24.95

Jan Cooper posies £8.95

Karen Collingwood brooch, lots of vibrant colours. Price £29.95

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