Thursday 2 February 2012

All you need is Love

Valentine’s day is here again….. it coincides with the start of our new deliveries.

Belen Gomez has two new ceramic ranges. Her pink rose sprays with rickrack braid make a pretty combination, the pink on white design has a fresh spring like feel and the heart detail on the back makes it a relevant valentine gift. There are mugs ( perfect for a valentine’s breakfast) a teapot and several different size jugs in her range. The jugs are suitable for either a teatime treat or a bunch of tulips always the herald of spring!
Belen’s blue and white seaside range comprises charmingly drawn mermaids and sailors that translate well onto mugs and jugs, again in several sizes. The tiny cat and seagull jugs have already been bought as valentine’s gifts. The blue and white looks lovely with daffodils or primroses. I think the seaside theme will work well for souvenirs too. They are both practical and decorative, always a bonus.

Sam Stas has a new LOVE tea cosy to add to her range her Ladies and Gents cosies and cushions are still going strong and we also have her valentine’s cards.

Dee Barnes has added her vintage print hearts to her ever changing collection. Two colour ways equally easy to wear with either a simple tee shirt or a dress. The bracelets are always popular in her other ranges and the hearts look great.

Stephanie Else has been supplying us with her jewel like glass for years the vibrant colour and the simple heart never dates. She has several size plaques to hang in a window or on a wall. They are reasonably priced and the small hearts make a perfect love token.

Glenys at Brigade Designs has a new range of sliver wire hearts encrusted with an intricate mixture of beads. They are delicate and powerful at the same time. The necklaces and bracelets with large semi-precious and quartz beads are stunning. The earrings and the pendants on ribbon are very pretty, the pale and dark grey combinations are fabulous for evening or even a wedding.

Shona Easton has a range of leather cross body bags a simple practical design in a good range of colours. At the moment we have red purple orange and brown I hope to expand the colours in spring.

Claire Mcvinnie’s clocks are back, with and without the pendulum. A jolly range of Japanese prints with contrast pendulums and hands. Her valentine love heart tokens are fun too why not give a keepsake rather than a card. We also have her dog brooches back they will look great on a spring jacket.

Rose and rickrack ceramic range by Belen Gomez includes mugs, teapot and various size jugs. Prices start £10.95

The seaside range by Belen Gomez the mermaid, sailor and ship’s cat are combined on a range of mugs and jugs. Prices start £9.95

Sam Stas new LOVE tea cosy Price £23.95

Dee Barnes vintage flower print jewellery. Prices start £11.95

Stephanie Else heart plaques in vibrant hues. Prices start £10.95

Brigade Designs jewellery range, semi precious and quartz beads combined with silver wire hearts encrusted with mixed beads. Prices start £24.95

Shona Easton simple leather bags in a range of colours Price £52.95

Claire Mcvinnie clocks and love tokens Prices start £4.95

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