Sunday 8 March 2015

Mother Knows Best

There are plenty of cards in stock that are just right for showing some love and appreciation to the best mum in the world (yours obviously)!

A cup of tea in bed is always a welcome treat, so why not make it perfect with one of these bone china mugs. In the rest of the range you'll also find vases for flowers and lots of other items decorated with the charming animal prints which are loved by all.

Prices start at £14.95

This jewellery is made of sliced pencil crayon it comes in a range of brooches, pendants and stud earrings. The colours are fab and go with everything. Because of their quirky design they'll almost certainly be a talking point whenever you decide to wear them.
The ceramic pendants are simple shapes and vibrant colours that are easy to wear. The various styles the necklaces come in will give your look that pop of colour so desperately needed as we finally move into spring.

Prices start at £10.95

Anna's ceramic Brooches are a perfect Mother's Day gift. Made from vintage pieces of crockery, they put a new and exciting spin on something which is cosy and familiar. You'll even find many people recognise the patterns!

Prices start at £10.95

Susan's embroidered cushions make up part of the range we have in store, which also includes aprons and teatowels. Her designs depict iconic scenes of Brighton translated onto linen with a charming freestyle and an extraordinary eye for detail.

Ellie's prints and cards draw on the fantastical imagery that characterise her book and editorial illustrations. Check out her most recent work in David Almond's new novel 'A Life in Stories'.

Meanwhile Hannah's crockery have become a bit of a classic for us here at Appendage. The birds, owls and peacocks are, as always, an aviary of delights.

Prices start at £12.95 

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