Sunday 17 April 2011

The Royal Wedding...and the chairs

Although I’m not particularly interested in the Royal Wedding we do have a new print by Alice Pattullo who recently designed a postcard for us. The print based on the wedding is both irreverent and humorous. It’s an addition to the range of her prints we already have in stock.

Pick up one of Alice’s postcards next time you visit the shop.

We have two fabulous chairs as part of our window display. The chairs are by Lizzie Rose She re-upholsters vintage chairs in lush, vibrant, colours and fabrics. They have the ‘wow factor’ and would make a fantastic focal point in a room. Its been a while since we’ve had big pieces. A customer came in last week and reminded me she bought two grandfather clocks about ten years ago, one of which she still has and loves. Perhaps its time to l look again for bigger statement pieces. Watch our windows!

Alice Pattullo’s Royal Wedding print has a very British humour. The free crown is perfect for your wedding celebrations!!
Price £50.00

Lizzie Rose’s chairs are wonderfully eccentric due to her use of colour and fabric. They really are show stoppers. The swivel pod chair is upholstered in a turquoise and green floral and the swivel rocker is a patchwork of zingy colours.
Prices start at £395.00

We have a SPECIAL OFFER on Jan Constantine’s cushions all her Union Jack heirloom cushions have fantastic reductions.
Prices start £39.95

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