Tuesday 22 March 2011

More Birds

We’ve had a new delivery of Hannah Turner's ceramic birds and owls. Their quirky shapes and details are so appealing. The birds come in turquoise, green, red and orange and the owls come in pink, blue and yellow. They each have their own individual personality and work well singly or in a flock. We also have a set of three flying birds that are Hannah’s interpretation of flying ducks. Her coasters have four designs and are useful presents.

Prices: coasters £3.95. Birds start £28.95. Owls start £34.95.

John Dilnot has developed a series of MINI PRINTS there are eleven in total including birds, bird houses and woodpeckers. At £15.00 each they are a great price so you could frame a group of three or four and they’d look fantastic.

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