Tuesday 27 June 2017

Here Comes the Sun

There are new ceramics that capture a summery feel by Michelle, her beaky jug designs are based on the yellow fields and golden sunshine of the Yorkshire Countryside.
Prices start £13.95

Chris' Solstice prints make for a lovely souvenir or reminder of the heady summer days on the beach in Brighton.
Price £65.00

We have new colourful  jewellery  by Jess which has a splash of gold leaf. Perfect for adding a bit of glamour to your outfit when going out for cocktails on these warm summer evenings.
Prices start £15.95

Jane's London tea towels and aprons are a new addition to her collection of designs that are inspired by Brighton. Her map card range is perfect if you want to send a 'wish you were here' to someone.
Prices start £12.95

New bags by Saher are in sumptuous summer tones whilst also managing to stay light and roomy. Perfect for carrying you beach towel and swimsuit or essentials next time you plan to hit the seaside.
Price £46.95

The new silk Europe scarf has fab colours that add a luxurious twist to your outfit on you next day trip out.
price £35.95

These new glass birds dishes are ideal for holding either some olives or chocolates to enjoy with an evening glass of wine in the garden.
Prices start £10.95

                                                                 Enjoy the summer!

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