Tuesday 7 February 2017

Be Mine...?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching but luckily for you we have plenty of love tokens in stock to show your better half how much they are cherished.

Sam's cushion couples are perfect for decorating your shared abode while Lesley's hand painted lampshades will illuminate both the living room and your lives.
Lush have vases with new designs that are decorated in bold, romantic red. Perfect!
Anna's mosaic hearts come in fabulous colours and make a perfect gesture of affection as gifts.
These soft leather bags will show you really care about them while also being practical.
Sue's silk scarves will prove you really think she's a star.

For the cat lover's these cushions are essential while the salt and pepper shakers are an extra bonus if you're planning on cooking a romantic dinner. Lesley's lamps also have a different moggy on each side... cute!

Of course jewellery is always a winner so it's lucky we have a wide range and selection in store. Including these brooches to suit any pocket.

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