Sunday 20 March 2016

Mellow yellow ...or orange!

With such bold colour, this Lion cushion will make a loud roar on any sofa in need of a bit of vibrancy.
A classic with a twist, the new Harris tweed bags are a great size and beautifully made.
Our new glass plates mix the organic with the graphic to make a striking centerpiece.
Inca's fluro perspex jewellery is ideal for spring, when a splash of colour is just what your wardrobe needs.

Cushion £33.95   Bag £93.95  Plate £28.95 Jewellery starts £16.95

No colour says Easter quite like yellow. Be it new born chicks or ready-to-hatch eggs, its the colour of new beginnings. So make a fresh start this season with our soft woollen blankets or bird lamp shades, able to enliven any front room. Lynsey's felt garland necklaces are a delicate delight whilst Karen's bunny brooch and Anna' flower earrings are an inexpensive way to bring a touch of spring to your look.

Blanket £83.95  Lampshade £35.95  Necklace start £35.95  Brooch £12.95  Earrings £10.95

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