Sunday 7 February 2016

Love and Kisses...

Sam's happy couple cushions make for a great joint present you can both enjoy. You might even be able to find a pair that looks just like the two of you among the numerous designs.

You're partner might already be sweet enough as they are, but Hannah's new sugar pots are ideal for keeping all manner of treats in.The espresso cups and trays will also make bringing your better half breakfast in bed that little bit more special.

cushions £31.95   sugar pots £17.95   espresso cups £12.95   trays 16,95

When looking for some simple but eye-catching tokens of affection, you can't go wrong with Caroline's lovebirds and Anna's Mosaic hearts, in beautiful minimal designs or eye-popping colours.

If you're taking the evening into your own hands and cooking dinner for your date, then Hannah's salt and pepper pots make for great company in your kitchen.

You'll love Lesley's latest foxy lamps for their quirky style and also perfect if you want to add some atmospheric lighting to your evening.

paper cuts £21.95   mosaic hearts £31.95   salt/pepper £18.95   lamps £59.95

Whether you're spending Valentines treat at your favourite restaurant or whisking away your significant other for a romantic city break , make sure to grab one of our huge, soft scarves of Paris, Venice or New York  to wrap your significant other in and make sure this Valentines Day is a romantic one.

scarves £27.95

The pink Lovelock cushion by Lush will make it feel extra romantic when its time to get comfy and cuddle on the sofa in front of your favourite box-set.

Annie's angora berets bring a little bit of Paris, the city of love, to your loved ones style, whilst keeping their ears warm during any late night strolls.

February doesn't have to be all grey. Lynsey's felt necklaces and bows add a fabulous splash of pink and red to any wardrobe.

cushions £33.95   beret £39.95   bow £14,95   necklace £33.95

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