Tuesday 10 May 2011

Brighton Festival

The Brighton Festival is here and as usual we have lots of new stock Karen Atherley has expanded his range of pottery we now have teapots, jugs, cups and saucers as well as vases and mugs. Her painterly nudes combine with a black lace pattern, they have a Bloomsbury feel but with a modern twist. David Pantling’s blue and cream pottery has a na├»ve blue all over pattern. The shapes are great, some overtures to Art Deco but much more folksy in feel. His teapots are very popular and the jars with lids in the shape of jelly moulds are fun and quirky. Ken Eardley has delivered his mugs so we now have the round and oval shapes in his Leaf, Bird and Flower design. His jugs are on their way.

John Dilnot has delivered his Bird Boxes we sold one today so I hope we’ll get another before the end of the month.

Anna Tilson back from her travels in India has brought in new mosaic mirrors again we sold one today but we should have them in stock consistently now she’s home.

Being busy attending events in the festival means I’m a bit behind with posting new work. I will get down to it next week…..promise.

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